What Type of Florist Is Best for Your Wedding Budget?

Planning every little aspect of your wedding can be stressful and overwhelming; especially when it comes to your budget. There are many costs and expenses to consider, with many of the finer details falling to the wayside as you focus on more significant tasks. Booking a venue, meeting with vendors, food and wedding cake tastings...the list can feel insurmountable. 

But what about your floral budget?

When it comes to your wedding florals and arrangements, it's better to be prepared with a floral budget than to assume your florals (as well as the various arrangements you'll want and need) will be an insignificant cost. Depending on your needs, your floral budget can vary, however, being aware of your options and budgeting for florals as part of your wedding expenses is crucial. This could not be truer than when you meet with a florist during a consultation.

So, what type of florist is best for your wedding budget? Let's break down the type of florists you can work with!

The Retail Florist

Also known as street shop florists, retail florists are those shops where you can walk by and pick up nice bouquets of flowers that are often prearranged or prewrapped. Perfect for smaller orders or last-minute floral needs, retail florists are often unequipped to deal with large orders or custom events. Typically, brides and/or wedding planners would not work with a retail florist for large-scale weddings. However, if you are having a small, intimate ceremony (or a private one with only a few arrangements needed), this could be a cost-effective option for budget-friendly brides. 

Perfect for: small, intimate ceremonies or private ceremonies 

The Floral Designer

Floral designers are those creative geniuses who craft beautiful arrangements and other floral displays (such as centerpieces, table arrangements, bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, etc) for weddings and other large events. Otherwise known as wedding florists, floral designers are able to create and provide flowers on a large-scale, and your budget for a floral designer goes towards paying for their creativity, services, and floral arrangements. The floral designer is often chosen by brides and/or wedding planners looking to work with a floral expert on a large event with several guests and a multitude of florals needed for ceremonies, receptions, decor, and more. 

Perfect for: larger weddings and events as well as creative floral arrangement services 

The Event & Floral Designer 

Similar to the floral designer, working with a full-service designer means you will receive not only the florals and arrangements for your event but also different aspects of your wedding decor and design. This can include all of the floral arrangements, bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, table and centerpieces, table decor, runners, candles, and much more. Brides will usually work with a full-service designer when they have their own design and/or decor ideas but could use professional and creative help to execute their ideas while working with one designer (as opposed to several).

Perfect for: larger weddings and events and bigger budgets; brides looking to work with one designer for many aspects of their wedding 

Whatever your budget, whatever your wedding design, ensure you focus on the floral costs with a realistic approach and open mind. This will not only save you time and money, but will also prevent you from losing sight of your wedding design and the flowers which will tie it all together. 



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