What Is the Meaning Behind Your Wedding's Florals?

Designing the floral arrangements and bouquets for your special day is one of the more exciting and personalized aspects of planning your wedding. With so many options for different breeds of botanicals, it can be difficult to choose which flowers truly speak to the bond and love between yourself and your partner. But many of the florals used in wedding design have specific meanings, which may help you better choose the perfect florals for your wedding while adding a touch of significance to your arrangements. Here, we outline the meanings behind a few of the more popular botanicals used in wedding floral design. 



These flowers represent new beginnings, which is quite fitting for brides and grooms on their wedding day. They're also delicate and subtle in their beauty, making them a welcome addition to bridesmaid bouquets and lapels. 


Both bold and stunning, Dahlias signify elegance and dignity with a slight underpinning of commitment and bonding. Originating from Scandinavia, they loosely represent valleys and are a blossoming, multi-layered bloom, perfect for garden-themed weddings or bouquets needing a little extra punch or body. 


With its larger petals and delicate feel, the Gardenia is a wonderful addition to bouquets and floral arrangements, particularly because it represents joy. Many brides incorporate Gardenias into their floral crowns or bridal bouquets. 

Gerbera Daisy 

A large daisy often available in a variety of colors, Gerberas have come to be associated with the representation of cheerfulness, and look stunning in Autumn bouquets and floral designs. 


Paired with its large, full-bodied bloom and symbolism of perseverance, Hydrangeas are both delicate yet strong, with a mildly sweet, floral fragrance often used to add body to bouquets or in the construction of floral archways. Hydrangeas also come in a variety of different hues, which may compliment your wedding color scheme perfectly. 


Perhaps more popular in floral crowns or displays/decor, Lavender has a delightful, calming scent complimented by beautiful tones of dark and light purples. With its symbolism of devotion and virtue, it's little wonder why brides choose to incorporate this beautiful botanical into their weddings. 


Lilies are, hands down, one of the most timeless flowers, and are often used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces for their representation of purity. Other shades of lilies hold their own meanings; orange lilies, for example, represent passion, while yellow lilies often represent gaiety. The perfect touch for the perfect wedding day!


Beloved for their gorgeous bloom and range of awe-inspiring colors and delicacy, Peonies are so popular for the simple reason being that they represent happy and prosperous unions. And, with their lush petals and full-bodied bloom, Peonies are perfect for bridal bouquets, lapels, and centerpieces alike. 


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