What Does your Florist Do to prepare for Your Dream Wedding Day?

Have you ever wondered what role your florist plays (or will play) in the design and planning aspects of your big day?

More than just a floral designer, your florist often plays a significant part in your wedding. Not only are they responsible for contributing to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of your wedding, but they also be in charge of decor, centerpieces, installation, ceremony and reception appearance, and more. In fact, most florists wear more than one "hat," so to speak.

Depending on what type of florist you work with, they may be tasked with doing far more than just creating bouquets for your bridal and groomsmen parties. Below, we've outlined a few responsibilities of wedding florists to give you an overview as to what your florist can (and likely will) do for your wedding day. 

They'll design your wedding decor

Believe it or not, many florists go above and beyond floral design; they are often responsible for creating and assembling wedding decor such as centerpieces, archways, table and chair accessories, and much more. Shopping for the perfect vases that will compliment your flowers choice. To choosing the right color ribbons for your bouquet and pick the highest flowers quality for your Events. 

They'll be a large part of your ceremony and reception

Whether indoors or out, florists are typically part of your ceremony and reception due to the nature of the decor you need for that aspect of your wedding day. From setting up outdoor ceremony areas to ensuring every aspect of your indoor ceremony's floral and decor arrangements are perfect, florists truly wear many hats on your big day. 

They'll Help set the mood

Because they are tasked with bringing your wedding floral visions to life, florists are thus responsible for setting the mood of your wedding. This includes setting up all of the flowers, ensuring the venue looks perfect and, of course, making sure your bouquets compliment you in every way. 

They'll guide you through just about everything

From ceremony and reception decor to cake accessories and bridal party flowers, your florist will be with you each and every step of the way; especially when those steps include flowers! You'll likely be surprised at just how much of your wedding planning process revolves around the flowers, which is why working with the right florist for you is a crucial aspect of your wedding planning process. 


And, of course, they'll make your flowers dreams a reality

At the end of the day, your florist is the fairy godmother (or father) of your wedding day flowers.  They are the vendor of your wedding who will be designing, creating, delivering and setting your flowers. In other words, they'll make your wedding floral dreams come true.  

*** Thank you to the Kennicott Brothers Company (Chicago location) for allowing us to snap a few shots!

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