What Are the Best Ways to Use Ivy in Your Wedding?

We've all heard of - and likely seen - ivy. Whether it's an ivy-covered historical building on a prestige campus or settling demurely along the garden path to someone's front door, ivy is a common plant which many know of but fail to truly appreciate as a stunning addition to your wedding. 

That's right: ivy is the perfect plant to incorporate into your wedding florals and decor. 

Ivy, otherwise known as hedera, is a genus of 12-15 evergreen climbing or "creeping" woody plants, quite notorious for its growth patterns. Ivy tends to grow in a climbing pattern, whereby it "creeps" along trees, stone, rock, and garden areas with a tendency to spread over wider surfaces. This makes the plant a particular pain in the you-know-what for gardeners looking to weed it out of their garden beds, but this otherwise beautiful plant is a unique yet simplistic way of adding both whimsy and greenery to your wedding florals. 

If you're considering adding ivy to your wedding decor and would like to incorporate it as a botanical with your other florals, we have a few suggestions which will up your wedding game and take your florals to a whole new level. 

Suspended Centerpieces

A unique way of adding a touch of ivy to your wedding is through suspended centerpieces. These types of centerpieces look absolutely stunning over wedding party tables and, when made using ivy as the feature botanical, certainly add a hint of rustic, earthy charm to your wedding decor. You may also love this ivy-related decor idea if your wedding theme is more minimalist or contemporary, but could use a touch of color!  

Ceremony & Aisle Decor

Regardless of your theme or style, most couples prefer to add a hint of decor to the aisle they'll be walking down; be it flower petals strewn about the floor of the aisle or chair/pew floral arrangements. If you're stuck on decor and design inspiration for your wedding aisle, try using ivy as a focus plant in your floral design for this aspect of your ceremony. From arches to chairs, ivy can be incorporated into the ceremony decor effortlessly for a touch of rustic chic. 

Wedding Cake Adornment 

Both faux and real floral decorations are popular additions to wedding cakes and cupcakes for receptions, but have you thought of using ivy instead? Especially beautiful on minimalist wedding cakes, ivy adds a pop of color without distracting from the design of the cake, and if your theme just so happens to be nature or garden related, you may just fall in love with the ivy-cake-decor trend. Below, we've provided some light inspiration for ivy decor you can use on your own wedding cake.

Table Runners

Most wedding receptions involve floral designs specifically created for table centrepieces; some may be elaborate whilst others are subdued or subtle. Whatever your preference, one design growing more popular for centrepiece arrangements is the table runner. Typically a cloth or material, more designs are beginning to incorporate botanicals as part of the table decor and runner scheme, which is perfect for couples looking for a touch of green or pop of nature. It's also a perfect solution to traditional or typical table decor, and pairs beautifully with many wedding styles. Florals can be incorporated into the table runner design, or various types of ivy can be used for a serene, all-green touch. 

Chair Decor

Typically, the chairs your guests will be sitting in during your wedding reception aren't the first piece of decor in your wedding design which you consider when planning your decor scheme. They are, after all, chairs. And who gives a hoot about them when so many other aspects of your wedding will be the focal point? However, simple floral arrangements for chairs at your ceremony can be the perfect touch your decor is missing, and can add vibrance as well as charm to your wedding reception, especially if the rest of your decor is more minimalist or contemporary. Different kinds of ivory can be used to spruce up what are otherwise minimal pieces of decor for your reception. 


All images courtesy of Pinterest

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