One Last Day in La for a Dream Wedding

Our time spent in Los Angeles felt, at times, like a bittersweet trip. Spending time with our old friends and mentors, we felt more connected to the city, more alive and excited about the events we were there to create stunning floral designs for. But we know we will miss our friends and all of the wonderful, new memories we were fortunate to make with them on this trip. 

The last event we were a part of was quite emotional for us, in particular, because we were able to work alongside my mentors once again, learning new techniques and skills which we are so excited to bring back with us to our own floral design work in Chicago. The amazing weather, beautiful people, and awesome opportunities to learn so much more about this industry and floral design have left us feeling renewed, and we can't wait to continue helping brides-to-be in Chicago with their floral designs.  

If there was once thing we learned during our time in Los Angeles, it was the importance of being open-minded about floral design. We hope to use our experience in LA as a way of encouraging and inspiring our bridal clients to remain open minded to new ideas and designs for their special day. 

We'll surely miss the beautiful flower markets and gardens, with their lush greenery and fresh blooms, along with our friends and mentors! See you next year L.A :)

Special thanks goes out to our wonderful friends and mentors, along with Francesca, who taught us a wonderful new rose technique. You will all be sorely missed!

vy nguyen