Featured Photographer: Nicole Jansma

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Nicole Jansma, a local, Chicago-based wedding photographer and all around boss babe. 

We first connected with Nicole when she featured us on her blog as a *Event Designer + Spotlight Vendor* (you can read more about it HERE). We had such a wonderful time hanging out with Nicole and getting to know more about each other and our professions. What we discovered is just how much we have in common! We truly do admire Nicole's style, approach, and beautiful work. 

Photo by:  Nicole Jansma

Photo by: Nicole Jansma

Photo by :  Nicole Jansma

Photo by : Nicole Jansma

I'm not a person who loves to take photo not typically one to enjoy being in front of the camera either, Nicole was so easy to work with and made me feel so pretty with her amazing photography skills. What began as a hobby for Nicole while she worked in the field of psychology slowly transitioned into a business, where she now works with couples and clients to capture seriously stunning shots.

Shooting with Nicole was both a lovely and creative way to network with one another. This experience showed us both how a passion for a hobby brought us to a place where we love what we do and do what we love - all while working to inspire others to follow their passions and instincts. 

Photo by:  Nicole Jansma

Photo by: Nicole Jansma

Photo by:  Nicole Jansma

Photo by: Nicole Jansma

We chatted with Nicole to get her perspective on how she approaches her own photography. 

"My approach to shooting is semi photo journalistic. My hope is that you don't see me as the photographer anywhere in my images - I want everything to appear as though a true, authentic moment was just frozen in time. I aim for authenticity and timelessness and I love for my images to portray a kind of quiet stillness." 

It's obvious from the moment you meet Nicole that she is so passionate and positive about what she does. From the smallest of details to the bigger picture, her attitude and attention to detail is totally admirable. 

"I love candid moments and creating movement in my shots. Stylistically, I shoot and edit very light, airy, and film-like and I love the colors and feel that that produces. I love shooting close up detail shots and am a big fan of photographing anything blush pink, big beautiful bouquets, and architecture/stairs.” 

Connect With Nicole

You can discover more of Nicole's work, follow her adventures on social media, and connect with her to learn more about this amazing photographer!

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