How to Design the Perfect Floral Crown for Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding day jewelry and accessories, every bride-to-be will have her own unique style and vision. Whether it's an opulent necklace, a family heirloom veil, or a minimalist bouquet, there's a strong likelihood that the bride has carefully thought out the accessories she will wear to compliment her beautiful dress or suit. 

One popular trend taking the wedding - and music festival - industry by storm is floral crowns. These beautiful crowns are a stunningly delicate, often feminine and fantastical way to add a touch of whimsy to your wedding outfit. But with so many Pinterest ideas and DIY posts about designing your own floral crown for your wedding, where do you actually start?

Though we recommend discussing your vision for your floral crown with an experienced florist (like Vy!), we'll help steer you in the right direction so you have a more cohesive vision as to what you'd like your crown to look like. Let's get started!


Step #1: The Florals

Before you can wear the crown, you have to adorn it, and the perfect place to start is to begin by choosing your florals. Many brides will choose blooms which coincide with their wedding's color scheme, and if you are also designing floral crowns for your bridesmaids, you'll likely take into account their outfits and the florals which will compliment your wedding best. You can choose whichever florals you'd like - from roses and gardenias to carnations and dahlias - or you can opt for faux flowers instead. We recommend incorporating a touch of greenery into the crown to allow the florals to truly stand out amongst one another. We're also true believers in using fresh florals, which look more authentic in floral crowns. However, depending on your budget (and the availability of florals), your florist will be able to assist you in finding the best florals for your crown. 

Tip: Choose florals which are medium in size to avoid a heavy crown or a too-large floral arrangement which will distract from your dress!

Step #2: The Bridesmaids 

If you do choose to design floral crowns for your bridesmaids as well, you may want to utilize florals which are slightly more understated than those used to make your own crown. The attention and focus should, after all, revolve around you on your wedding day, but this doesn't mean your bridesmaids need to be left out in the cold! Botanicals such as ivy, Queen Anne's Lace, or even fresh lavender can add a touch or pop of color and whimsy to your bridesmaids' outfits without being too opulent or distracting from your own crown. 

Tip: Consult with your bridesmaids about the type of florals they might like to wear as a crown, and ensure no one in your wedding party is allergic to a specific botanical! 

Step #3: The Measurements 

To be better prepared to consult with your florist regarding your floral crowns, try to have measurements ready for the heads of those who will be wearing crowns during your ceremony and/or wedding party. Having this information ready for your florist will not only make for a smoother process, but it will help you both design the perfect crowns depending on the shapes and sizes of each person's head. Your florist will also be able to make recommendations about the best type of florals to use for each crown, or alternative styles to fit everyone's needs. 

Tip: If you feel your bridesmaids may need different sized crowns, ask your florist about the best botanicals for "one size fits all" crowns which your besties can wear during your ceremony! 


Step #4: The Style 

Photo by Andrea Taboada

Photo by Andrea Taboada

It's important to remember that, regardless of which florals you'd like used in your crown, your crown should still reflect you and your wedding. If you're having difficulty deciding what type of florals to use, what style of crown you'd like, or how opulent you'd like your crown to be, refer back to your wedding design and decor scheme. Ask yourself whether you'd prefer your floral crown to match the other florals used throughout your wedding decor, or if you'd rather have a pop of color for dramatic affect. There are a number of styles you can seek inspiration from - minimalist, grandeur, colorful, understated, monotone, same florals in different tones, etc. At the end of the day, your floral crown should be the product of your vision, and your florist can help make the vision a reality. 

Tip: Though often overwhelming, carefully searching platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram for floral crown inspo can help you discover a style or floral scheme for your own crown, which makes the process of designing a crown much easier. 

Bonus tip: If you see an image or design of a floral crown you absolutely love, bring it with you during your consultation with your florist as a point of reference!

Special thanks to Olivia De Vera & Andrea Taboada for these beautiful photos and wonderful collaboration work. To view more of Olivia's work, please visit her portfolio here

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