How Honest Should You Be with Your Wedding Florist?

When it comes to working with a florist for your wedding, like many other aspects of your special day, the budget is key. It is difficult to hire any vendor for your wedding when you are either unaware of the budget you have for that specific vendor or are looking to cut costs where you feel it may be necessary. 

Your wedding flowers play a large role in your budget, but often, the cost and design of flowers and arrangements can be confusing for brides who aren't sure of their flowers budget. This is where it "pays" to be honest with your florist/vendor. What may be surprising for many to learn is just how much time and effort goes into creating a proposal for a wedding's floral designs, specifically when brides approach a florist with ideas or inspiration but aren't clear on their budget. 

What tips can you keep in mind when it comes to working with a florist? 

Tip #1: Be honest about your budget

Whether your flowers budget is small or large, meeting with a florist to discuss floral designs and services will eventually lead to a discussion about costs and your budget. It can take several hours for a florist to create a proposal for your wedding, especially if your wedding design involves extensive floral arrangements and decor (such as centerpieces, arches, votive candles, cake flowers, etc). If you aren't honest with your florist about your budget, not only will it be difficult for them to put an effective proposal together, but you may end up having to reject the florist based on the realistic cost of your floral designs versus a budget which can't accommodate them. 

Tip #2: Know your Options 

Depending on your budget, you may be seeking a more cost-effective deal or option when it comes to your wedding flowers. Regardless, it's important to know what type of florist you can work with based on the amount you are willing or able to spend on flowers for your big day. Most florists will be able to tell you in a consultation whether your ideas or desires for flowers match with your budget; after all, the costs associated with a wedding can get very real, very quickly. Being aware of the type of florist you can work with based on your budget will help you choose the right one without booking consultations with florists which may be outside of your budget. 

Tip #3: Don't leave your florist hanging

There are many aspects of floral design which go into creating and providing the perfect flowers for your dream day. Ordering specific flowers, designing and creating the arrangements, fulfilling special requests, and many other tasks can be quite extensive and often take several hours to complete in order for your flowers to be ready for your wedding day. If you no longer wish to work with the florist you've booked, or need to change your designs based on changing budgets or tastes, it's crucial that you notify your florist as soon as possible. Leaving your florist hanging can mean hours of work performed for little to no pay, but can also result in your flowers not being ready for your big day. 

Tip #4: Keep Your florist up-to-date

Notifying your florist of any changes in your wedding - such as change of venue, style, budget, etc - is extremely important. Your florist will be working with your wedding plan in order to create and deliver your floral arrangements on time, so keeping them up-to-date with any changes or cancellations is key. This includes booking your florist; booking one too late in the "game" can mean your choice florist is unavailable for your big day, or may have little time to put together the floral designs you've been dreaming of. Simply staying in touch with your florist to keep them abreast of any changes will help this aspect of your wedding design go much more smoothly. 



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