Holiday Table Settings Tips

Families are making the long drive, enduring cramped seats on the plane and bundling up to walk through the doors of grandma's house to smell the best food in the world! It makes it all worth the delicious food and old face to catch up on who's doing what these days. Holiday is here and so are stretch pants. Whether your family style is modern, nature inspired or super traditional it's all about who made the best food. We are all interested in who's sitting next to who so at this time here is where you get a little creative.  Keeping the festive colors and add in a touch of gold with some simple candle in such a playful way is sure to get the attention of the guests.

Once the seating chart is made, it's time to focus on the table setting. Remember that the holidays are presented opportunities to welcome family and friends to create memories. You are able to be as personable as you like or formal if this gathering is banquet style seating.  A centerpiece just like the ones below are a mix of a spring/fall style with vibrant beautiful red sweet heart rose, magenta peony with a hint of orange foliage and ranunculus flowers. Texture is a also a big part of a beautiful arrangement. You can always add in different variety of texture like the privet berry and some seeded hydrangea. 

Use fruit that show seasonal colors (orange/reds) similar to fall leaves when setting the table with natural color tones especially blues and grays to make the decor pleasant and well thought out. This is a bit more intimate and private style of holiday dining for for two couples who know one another very well.


Modern families these days tone down the decor a bit and go straight to the food. No obstacles in the way. The centerpiece can still be eye catching but not overwhelming. Clean, simple and sophisticated table setting with a little gold is enough to bring the holiday cheer especially with handmade pieces.

Nature Inspired is a great way to mix a variety of plants and flowers to create a fresh scent of the outdoors before and after the meal leaving the room smelling fantastic. 


Tips: Remain seasonal with your choices but opt for fresh flowers and foliage for your centerpiece. Fruits like pomegranate, pears, apples and even lemon provide a wonderful scent especially when compliment with mint or pine.

Small tables should have a runner. A Runner helps to divide the table so it is easier to line up cutlery, dishes and candle holders like votive candle or candle stick and guides where the centerpiece shoulder. It's easier to be exuberant on a larger table but it is best to keep centerpieces small, fresh, vibrant and finish the look with gold or silver cutlery. 

We hope these tips will help you to create a beautiful table escape  to wow your friends and family especially your in-law. Do something different this year and WOW your guest by showing them  your creative side. 

We hope everyone will have a safe and fun holiday.            


Photo by: Mariia Seredokha

Sweet Treats : Sugar.Cat_Chicago

Videographer : Andrew_ka_

Floral & Decor : Vy's Floral Design

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