Faux vs. Fresh: What Are Your Wedding Floral Options?

Inevitably, flowers will play a significant and often central role in your wedding day. From bouquets and centerpieces to table decor and boutonnieres, there are many things to consider when planning for wedding flowers and arrangements. 

There are also many costs involved that may have brides questioning the merits of faux versus real flowers. 

If you are considering your wedding floral options in conjunction with your budget, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing real or fake flowers. Let's look a little more closely at the two options to give you a better idea as to what type of floral will be right for your wedding day. 

Faux Flowers


Though every bride likely dreams of beautiful floral arrangements for her special day, few may take into account the longevity of flowers in addition to the cost of them. Depending on your budget, it may not be feasible to dedicate a significant portion of your wedding finances to flowers. You may also be faced with the reality of design roadblocks; some flowers may be out of season or simply too expensive for your budget. Does this mean faux flowers are they way to go?

Faux flowers will, of course, last longer than fresh flowers; you will also be able to choose flowers which are in or out of season, because faux flowers don't rely on growing times or seasons. Many faux flowers can be scented or perfumed to smell like their real counterparts and, perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to preserve your wedding bouquet for years to come.

Those are all perfectly wonderful selling points, but brides should also consider the cost of faux flowers. Most faux flowers are made using silk and, depending on how many flowers you need for your wedding, may cost even more than fresh flowers. It's important to discuss with your florist what your options are and the cost differences between faux versus fresh flowers. 

Fresh Flowers

There's nothing wrong with using faux or fresh flowers in your wedding; ultimately, the type of flowers you use - and how many flowers you have - comes down to what you can afford according to your budget.

That being said, most brides will spend at least 20% of their wedding budget on floral costs. If you don't have a budget and sky's the limit, you'll have more options for your floral design. However, if you truly want to use fresh flowers for your wedding, you can speak with your florist about your options for cost-effective or affordable floral designs. 

With fresh flowers, it is a given that your bouquets and arrangements won't have the same longevity of faux ones. You will also have to take into consideration what flowers are in-season at the time of your wedding and how your vision may be impacted by your budget. 

Your Options

When it comes to choosing between faux and fresh flowers, your options will truly boil down to your budget, the availability of flowers, and their costs. Keep in mind that faux flowers may not be more cost-effective than fresh ones, and that your florist can help you decide on the type of floral that is best for your day (and your budget). 

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