DIY Flowers Really Worth Your Time and Money?

So, the time has come to start planning your big day, which also means planning your budget. It's not the most fun aspect of wedding planning, but it will help to keep you on track and focused. There's a reason every bride needs one!

Part of your budget will be dedicated to flowers and, as such, it's important to work with a professional who knows the ins and outs of floral design. But some brides may be considering the DIY route. If that's the case with your wedding, you'll want to consider a few very important things about DIY wedding flowers which may just have you questioning whether DIY is truly worth your time (and money). 

To help you better decide whether you should DIY your flowers, let's take a peek at a few questions we would post to any bride-to-be. 

Will you be able to design your flowers in advance? 

Florists have the education, experience, and tools necessary to design brilliant, beautiful flowers for weddings. And, it may surprise many to learn that most florists begin designing and ordering the florals for a bride's big day months in advance, which means if you're going to DIY, you'll need to have a design plan in place. It may seem simple to throw together a bouquet, but you don't want to be left stranded with designs you can't assemble just days before your wedding. 

Where will you get your flowers, and when? 

Part of the floral design process is knowing where to order the flowers and which flowers are in season; it's also crucial you know when you should actually order your flowers and for what delivery date. You may discover that DIYing your flowers arrangements takes lots  of time; between finding a supplier, making designs, having the flowers delivered and assembling your arrangements, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of work and time needed to put the flowers together. It's also important to remember that your flowers need to be well hydrated and  fresh as possible. You should ask yourself...

  • Where you'll order the flowers from?
  • When you'll need them to be delivered ?
  • What flowers are in-season ?
  • How far in advance should you assemble your bouquets ?
  • How to care for the flowers to keep them fresh for your wedding day ?

Can your budget afford a DIY project? 

Florists work with suppliers and different vendors to ensure they can get the best prices and materials for the wedding flowers they design and create for couples. That includes working with suppliers who have the flowers they need for the number of arrangements they'll be making. Of course, this can become problematic when DIYing wedding flowers; many brides find out quite quickly that this may be more costly than working with a florist who can work within your budget. Ask yourself whether your wedding budget can allow for DIY. 

Do you have the time and resources?

There's no question as to whether you can design and assemble every floral arrangement on your own; florists work with teams to create wedding flowers, and if you DIY, you'll certainly need a few helping hands to put all of your flowers together. Because floral design and creation is time-consuming and requires many resources, it is crucial you ensure you have both the time and the help in place to have your flowers ready for your big day. 

Our Words of Wisdom

In the event that you do consider DIY wedding flowers, keep in mind our own words of wisdom to ensure your DIY project goes off without a hitch! 

  • Take a workshop or tutorial class to learn how to properly design and assemble bouquets. 
  • Be wary of sites or online promotions which advertise bargain deals for flowers; you can run the risk of paying for used or low-quality flowers 
  • Make a separate budget for your DIY floral project; you'll need to take into account the materials, suppliers, flowers, time and resources for putting together your own floral arrangements 
  • Don't be fooled by the idea of money-saving floral hacks; if you have a budget, your florist can walk you through your options!
  • Do you have time to clean? Cleaning is a non pretty side in floral. 
vy nguyen