Hello Everyone!


I’m back and ready to give some insight on why I haven’t been blogging! My schedule has been beyond packed so life as expected has gotten in the way a little bit. I promise that after this post I will be more consistent with blogging, share more awesome photos of current work, update more wedding photos and include collaborations.

This year has been a rough year for me where a lot of things have changed including my perspective and especially my work life.

2018 will end in a couple of months and starting next year I will take things more slowly. I can only book as many weddings as my schedule will allow. It’s time to pace myself and feel the exuberance and creativity that is my life. By not doing that I have been burned out?


I have been unmotivated with everything as a whole when I should sit back and enjoy every eventful moment so that there will be good memories and an actual trip to take down memory lane. While enjoying my floral passion and being appreciative with everything that I have learned from all of my mentors, some unexpected news shook my world. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Considering my medical field experience, I should have taken this new easier than everyone else but it’s different when someone you love has the big ‘C’. There are mixed feeling about this news which created a highly emotional and important event in my life where I try to spend more quality time with my family. I want to enjoy every moment with my mom. Living a busy life with a full schedule, making lots of money should make me happy (I’m pretty sure lots of us go through that faze).


As an entrepreneur, it’s not easy to find time especially when you have to mange everything by yourself. As a successful entrepreneur, things changed for me because of my mom. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you’re not present and actively enjoying life’s moments. Life will have no meaning and changes are being made so that I can make more time for my social and family life.

One goal, in particular that I’d like to accomplish is to learn a new language. While taking more time for myself, I’d read all of the great books that I have on my list (never got the chance to check any off) and also try to lean a new language. One of my mentors gave me some very good advice that stuck with me for the longest time. It’s time to apply it!

This blog is not floral related as you can see but it is so important that my followers and readers understand why I haven’t posted any content.

Flowers : Vy’s Floral Design

Photography: Meg

Calligraphy : Nerissa B

Tea Kit : Kith + Kin

Events Coordinator: Canvas Wed

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