Get Inspired by This Garden Style Photo Shoot

It’s no secret that garden-style bridal shoots and wedding designs are quite popular among brides (and brides-to-be!). This classic style allows brides, as well as wedding and floral designers, a unique opportunity to customize the decor and florals to virtually any preference, but with a twist. With garden-style themes, the floral design can be as minimalist and natural or as fantastical and saccharine as the bride desires. The devil is in the details (and greenery!).

With this style of floral design, the floral arrangements and accents are most typically designed to look natural and bespoke, as the goal here is to achieve the “just picked from the garden” look. Designers are able to play with textures, colors, flower breeds and arrangement styles to create floral designs that look effortlessly simple yet brimming with different tones and shapes. Greenery is especially important for this style of design, as it mimics the type or style of greenery typically found in gardens, or with wildflowers.

The garden style is more airy and whimsical, which brides may find differs greatly from the traditional floral designs for weddings - often, the traditional styles feature tightly round bouquets or large floral arrangements. Garden styles, however, are less grandiose and are likely to be more “hand-picked” in appearance and composition.

We were so happy to team up with these amazing photographers, Martin Ngo and Hailey Amber for a garden-style shoot, showcasing our floral designs.


Beach Elopment with Garden-inspired Blooms 

Photography: Hailey Amber / Florals: Vy Floral Design / Dress: MINKMAIDS


Contemporary Couture with Garden-style Florals

Photography: Martin Ngo / Florals: Vy Floral Design 

We were so inspired by the beautiful images and designs of our collaborators, we designed a few simple garden-style arrangements to inspire you to consider garden designs for your own wedding florals!

Thank you to Hailey Amber, Martin Ngo, and MINKMAIDS for the beautiful collaboration!

vy nguyen