My Southern Charm Trip

August 19, 2018, I decided to purchase a ticket to travel to North Carolina to attend a floral workshop and visit one of my good friends. We have known each other for 15 years. (I know it sounds crazy!!) Since I never got the chance to attend her wedding I am making up for it now. Better late than never I guess.


To be honest I know North Carolina is not a big city like Chicago or New York. I wasn’t sure how to cope with the quiet and relaxing suburb environment. The first day seeing my friend I was super excited and thrilled. We gave each other a hug and got some yummy Korean food after she picked me up at the airport.


The first day in Charlotte, we just talked and caught up... it was nice. She showed me around her house. It's so spacious but I'm not in love with the quietness and empty land around the area. On the second day, we walked around downtown before I head to Boone for my floral class. Charlotte is such a cute city with many cute boutiques.


Luckily, I met a gal named Bianca. She’s from Dallas, we decided to share the rental car and drive down to the floral workshop together. It was nice to chat with her. Even though it was a bit strange at first, we become friendlier after a few minutes. We talked about why we choose to become floral designers and share some funny stories during our mini road trip to Boone.  Boone is so much different than Charlotte! We passed by many beautiful sceneries of lush green trees and beautiful lakes.

I need a new phone :( 

I need a new phone :( 

I even saw some cows and horses along the way. It’s just so beautiful! The air is even cleaner. After arriving to Boone we all met up with 10 other florists for a short meet and greet at Kelly’s house. Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to…maybe because is that southern charm. I have been watching Team Flower video for so long. Meeting Kelly was such a pleasure. She’s such a cute person in her video and in person. She makes this floral class very personal for me. I have learned not just about flowers but also something that I have discovered about myself when I was in her workshop.

Photo By:  Heather Payne

Photo By: Heather Payne

The first two nights I was having trouble trying to cope with the mountain quietness and everything is closed super early in Boone. I can’t really go anywhere since my phone doesn’t have signal. I am so used to the city life where everything is in such a fast-paced environment. We wake up and we jump in our car, drive to our destination and work for 8 or 10 hours straight, and go home shower and work again. But staying in Boone is a bit different. Everything is in a relaxing slow pace environment.

I need a new phone !! seriously !! 

I need a new phone !! seriously !! 


Once we finish with our class, everyone gathered to chat and exchange their knowledge tips and tricks about floral. We also just talked about the most random thing and laughed together. Getting to know everyone in this floral workshop and in a different environment made me realize something. I need to slow down and appreciate all the wonderful things that are happening around me more, instead of trying to rush through them and do everything in  a fast pace mode. It takes the fun out of everything.


While learning how to design this loose garden style at Kelly's workshop she has taught me so many things, not just design but a bit about myself as well. Kelly helped me to realize that we need to slow down and observe things around us. Learn to let yourself not to entitle or be so attached with our arrangement. If it doesn’t look perfect it is fine. Not everything need to be perfect. We should never overthink about our design concept.


The more relax we are it will show in our arrangement. Sometimes we just need to walk away for a moment and asset the situation before we decide to go all crazy with our rushed decision. This workshop experience has taught me so many things that I have never known about myself. I guess it’s ok to have some relaxing time to self-reflect and you might realize things about yourself that you haven’t discover. Sharing a big house with 11 other people make me appreciate my time more. And by surrounding myself around different people I get to learn so much about myself. Getting to know everyone from different backgrounds and the reason why they choose to be a florist is simple.


We all love flowers and we love to express our thoughts or feelings through them. Every artist have multiple ways to express their passion. I met so many wonderful people on this trip. Everyone is so southern and I am the only city girl in this group. It's so funny to hear the word ‘ya’ll’ all the time. I met this lady Shirley and she reminded me of one of my mentors so much. I learned so much from her by chatting with her about things (personal/flowers) that I am struggling with.  Brooke...seeing her motivation to work out even though we are in a middle of nowhere, made me feel a little bit rewarded. It reminded me why I go to CrossFit every day or why I go jogging every morning before heading to work. The little things that we all help each other out during our stay in the cabin made me feel so blessed to be around these ladies.


Thank you, Bianca, for curling my hair (I'm not a person who goes all out with my hair) because routine is blow dry, brush and done). I really appreciated Kelly at Team Flower arranging this workshop it help me learn so many things like why I picked flowers to be passionate about. Meeting these lovely’s ladies was such a pleasure for me and I can see I will grow some long-term friendships from this trip. It was such a bittersweet good bye.

Photo By:  Heath Payne

Photo By: Heath Payne

Thank you, Kelly, at Team Flower to help me realized why did I choose flowers to be my passion. I was trying to find my passion for so long and I always doubted flowers would be the thing for me. But you help me realize that the answer might be in front of me. I just need to step back a bit and assess the situation in a calm and relaxing way and I will find what’s missing or why am I feeling burnt out. You have made flowers so personal and meaningful for me.



·        To end my trip in North Carolina I enjoyed time with my friend, her niece and nephew heading down to Davidson areas and enjoy some delicious southern BBQ.  It was a relaxing night, no rush and just enjoyed being in this wonderful moment.  I appreciate more what I have and sometimes living in the cities have its difficulties. When we’re so used to everything at a fast pace mode we don’t get to enjoy the company of others and the beautiful thing that is life around us.


Thank you North Carolina ! :) 

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