2018 New Year Resolution

As we’re approaching 2018, in the past year Vy’s Floral Design has been fortunate enough to have great customers who have entrusted their momentus events resulting in many friendly recommendations. We like to say, thank you, to our customers for referring us to friends and family. 


Our studio was in a small space and we are now in a studio where we can process flowers and design! Our ambitious goal is blooming bigger. We hope that we will move into a bigger studio space by the end of next year to have a bigger space for production and consultation. In this coming year we will release some great  news  so remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We will also be doing more collaborations with many  photographers and vendors. 

Romantic Whimsical Inspiration Shoot-Edited-0073.jpg
Photo by:  Nicole Jansma

Photo by: Nicole Jansma

Personal Growth and Resolution
2017 has lots of ups and downs. This is an enlightening experience I am sharing with you from the outside looking in. When it comes to business and personal matters I have learned many things from many wonderful friends and mentors. Sometimes it's tough when running a business alone so surround yourself with positive people who always try to motivate you and remind you why you love  to do what you do . Surround yourself with many different creative entrepreneurs like yourself, network and learn from people with creative minds.


A lot of the time networking is not simple and it's important to be careful with who you network with . When your personal goals grow bigger and your imagination is getting crazier, eventually you will see the true friends who are willing to stay to support your vision and your business. As your business and personal goals have changes that develop into something, many people in your life will fall out because you work hard to achieve tangible success. You’re more aware of who you let in your life and  the passion taking you to a different path. 

Photo by:  Heather Payne

Photo by: Heather Payne

Photo by:  Heather Payne

Photo by: Heather Payne

You’re happier with small dinners with your close friend, rather than catching up with people that you have no interest with. This year I have learned so many things in business and in my personal life. I'm just happy to have a wonderful team  and a few   amazing supporters that encourage me to go with my crazy vision and imagination from the beginning. As you grow older the focus in life and career matures you appreciate more honest people by your side.  So stay focused, surround yourself with people that love you for who you are and fewer friends around aren't such a bad thing.  I hope everyone will have some amazing goals for 2018 (Love yourself more often) 

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