Styled Shoots (Behind The Scenes )

This time of the year so much is happening and I want to share with you a styled shoot that a few photographers and I collaborated on to show a beautiful dark romantic style. Mariia recently reached out to me to collaborate with her. The first time we met, we share the same concepts for this styled shoots. The actual shoot was scheduled to be in November for a more fall feel (I never thought it will be cold and rainy). This styled shoots concept come to us with a sexy dark romantic feel. If you love reds like burgundy with a hint of fall color, you will fall in love with our  styled shoots concept.


 We also invited Megan to join us with this collaboration. Megan and I have collaborated before but we never really have a chance to meet up on site. She is obsessed with tiny details and I got to  see this first hand while we were worked on the styled shoots. It’s always tough to find a photographer that loves details as much as us florists. I am super happy to collaborate with these talented photographers, wonderful makeup artist and videographer as well. Thank you Mariia for reaching out to me to collaborate. 


Whenever florists join for a styled shoot we must prep, organize and order many things. Specific flowers we want have to be available. Ordering flowers is the toughest part because we (the florist) don't get paid. Flowers are never cheap and a styled shoots is never easy when you don’t get paid. You have to work with a budget and make sure everything goes as planned. This collaboration was an exchange of service where we got lots of beautiful creative shots from the photographer also a great way to promote each other work and to network.


 A small tip for any new florist, if you would like to collaborate with a photographer just make sure you collaborate with someone who knows what are they doing and is not afraid to ask you to change or move a certain things in your setting for that perfect shot. 
To us florists a picture is worth a thousand words because it showcases our work, builds the portfolio and shows our creative style. What the client doesn't see is how much hard work is done behind the scenes to create a design. It’s always great to team up with photographers that love to capture detail and aim for that perfect shot. 


 Enjoy some of our behind the scene photos for now we will publish our styled shoot very soon. Stay tune and keep checking our social media and website for these amazing images. 

Special thanks to
Mariia Seredokha (Photographer)
Megans Groggins (Photographer) 
Alona Fomina (Makeup Artist) 
Vy’s Floral Design (Floral & Décor) 
Cake & Macarons by (Sugar_Cat) 
Videographer :Andrew_Ka_
Tamara Selivanov & Michael Selivanov  (Model) 


vy nguyen