The lost Art


Everlasting love, innocence and going home are commonly heard and spoken when a loved one is no longer with us. The preparations for funerals and viewings are stressful. So much to do, create, document and sort out at a time like this is overwhelming even with the support of friends and family. 

The preparations for funerals and viewings are not like the old days. Why has everyone tilted the scale to be overly elaborate and less thoughtful? Flowers should represent life and provide remembrance of how loving and caring family and friends are. Teaching how to create a simple yet, beautiful arrangement for a funeral has faded and substituted for more technical and fashion like appearance instead of going back to the basics and progressing from there. Make a beautiful and personal statement in a traditional design with a twist.

Flowers, fillers and foliage have meaning that should compliment each other resulting in a heartfelt message. As years go by the style does change depending on the studio and artists preparing these arrangements.


What should never change is the meaning of how thoughtful they are. This is an emotional, sad and sensitive time for clients so these arrangements should make them feel happy despite the circumstances. Conveying howwonderful and kindhearted or mourning the suffering a loved one has endured can be beautiful in the sense that the arrangement shows how valued and unique this person was. The emotion can be expressed or read through the flowers. How do I put a smile on my clients faces? Should you do seasonal inspirations, interpretations or fully custom based on the clients description?

vy nguyen